Why Online Marketing in China?

664 million internet users with an Internet penetration rate of 42.1%.

WECHAT: Let the world see you! WeChat right now has 400 million users and it is possible to open a public account for companies to develop services online.

The Platform also develops its own mobile e-commerce B2C platform and payment method; moreover it opens its platform for internal games which increases user’s time spending on Wechat also.

WEIBO: As a multi-purpose marketing hub. It increases a Chinese website views with less online marketing costs. Weibo is a platform to publish news and hold events, a channel to listen to market and a vivid point of contact for business prospects.

BAIDU: Baidu is the biggest Chinese search engine and Baidu Networks is the biggest network in China, covering Over 95% of web users. It is a full dimension platform and it can do integrated marketing and help the customers to promote through any platform having enormous visit traffic every day both from Desktop and mobile devices.

  • Baidu Tieba: In Tieba, users gather together for some same topics that they are interested in and form many groups.
  • Baidu Baike: It is like Wikipedia.
  • Baidu Zhidao: Q&A platform; people ask and answer questions through this page.
  • Baidu News: 20 million people view Baidu news from both Desktop and mobile device every day.
  • Baidu Music: 35 million people and over 500 million songs are listened every day.
  • Baidu Pictures.
  • Baidu Video.