Jon Michelena Arrieta

How to take advantage of the latest E Commerce revolution? U-Commerce trend

Nowadays, we all are very well aware of the importance of Ecommerce on current business. E-Commerce has been a great revolution for companies and customers, helping the exchange of goods and services without geographical barriers via Internet. With most of famous brands selling via e-Commerce and the development of B2B, B2C and C2C markets, the

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Business Social Networks in China. Which one should I use?

China is an interesting country filled with peculiarities in the day-to-day life. Business culture is one of the many peculiarities that China has to offer. It is a country where business contacts play a more important role than in other countries, or should I say, a different role. For Chinese, it is crucial to have

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The Great Firewall: a barrier for foreigners who live in China

China is a very attractive country, rich in culture and full of traditions that appeal to most foreigners, it is also a place that offers considerable rewards for those who are seeking business opportunities. Despite its attractiveness there are some cultural barriers every foreigner has to overcome if they are planning to live in China,

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