How to Acquire Chinese Tourists through Digital Marketing

How to acquire chinese tourist through digital marketing

It is almost August and tourists are everywhere.  From 2 OPEN we are pleased to give you some basic steps to acquire Chinese Tourists through Digital Marketing.

Since 2013, the number of Chinese outbound travel population and tourism consumption both already ranked the world’s first.

In the next few years, Chinese outbound tourism consumption market will continue to maintain high growth speed: 174 million Chinese people will choose to travel abroad, and the amount of consumption will be around 264 billion US dollars in the year 2019 by estimation.

Chinese tourists has become the “cash cow” of global travel industry

This prosperity is due to the increase of urban population and disposable income, the rise of the middle class, RMB appreciation, the gradually liberal visa policy and the increase of international flight routes have given rise to the empowerment of as a yet undeveloped sector.

What kind of travel products do Chinese tourist usually choose when travelling?

When travelling, Chinese tourists mainly choose to travel with tour guide, both group package and/or flight + hotel.  Even if travelling without guidance is still scarcely used, it is a fast leading trend and a great opportunity of future.

Which Channels do Chinese tourism use to purchase travel products?

Even if traditional travel agencies are still the most popular, every day more Chinese opt to book though Online travel agencies, such as Ctrip and Qunar. It is highly likely that its importance grow each year.

How Chinese travelers spread their feeling about their country-destination?

The consumption of Social Networks in China is massive. Either through posts or instant messaging, the power of “Word of Mouth” is overwhelming.

Wechat and Weibo play a very important role in choosing destinations for Chinese people.

From 2 Open, we suggest you paying attention to online platforms in any plan to approach the Chinese market.

Which channels do Chinese people use to search touristic-information?

Either through an Agency´s Website or through Social Media, Chinese travelers love using new technologies to discover places, compare tariffs and share their experiences abroad.

Once again, the power of the main Social Media Platforms in China –Wechat and Weibo– is increasing each year.

What do Chinese travelers suggest for information channel?

The most expected information search channel for Chinese travelers is to set up Chinese official website, followed by WeChat and Weibo Chinese accounts set-up.

So, What can you do to attract more potential Chinese tourist to your destination?

How to Acquire Chinese Tourists through Digital Marketing

From 2 OPEN we suggest you some ideas before starting your approach to China:

  • Build a Website:

To set up a Chinese Website, this must be hosted in China (-cn domain). It would be necessary to make it consistent with Chinese search engine´s standards and be entirely written in Mandarin.

From 2 OPEN we strongly suggest you to take advantage of new technologies –Big Data- to improve the user experience and target the right audience.

  • Search and Display Marketing:

Baidu, the biggest Chinese search engine, is essential on any approach to Chinese digital market. Your site should be well-ranged on Baidu´s search engine to let Chinese tourist find you.

In 2 OPEN we have the expertise to deal with SEO or SEM campaigns, in order to help you to gain visibility and target potential customers.

  • Social Media:

Social networks are the most used channels in China. Try to attract users to your official accounts –WeChat and Weibo– by posting travel news and proposals to people. Start your Social Media plan with our help!

  • Key Opinion Leader:

To build a proper networking with Key Opinion Leaders on Social Networks can make the difference in China, and they are a very effective way to promote products and services.

  • Cooperate with a third-party agency:

Online Travel Agencies -like Ctrip– provide a package of services include tickets, hotel, tourism products and car rental etc. Cooperate with them will bring you huge traffic and a great chance to sell. In addition, Online Travel Agencies let customers interact each other about trips, top destinations and advices.

From 2 Open, we encourage you to take an advantage of their social marketing impact by improving your content marketing.

  • O2O:

In last year, China tourism O2O industry achieved great improvement. The relationship between resources and platforms become closer under the impetus of capital. Wheather through Online platform + offline resource or Online channel + offline channel, both can make the difference.

  • Offline Event and Public Relations:

Traditional offline advertisement promotion can be useful in China, but very expensive. Combine Online and Offline Marketing can be the top-solution for your company.

We hope this information has been valuable and helpful to you, and we encourage you to start your approach to the huge Chinese tourism market. With our help, your company could take the great advantage online marketing offers!

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This article was edited by Paula Vicuña, from 2 OPEN.