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Tencent and JD Launch Targeted Brand Advertising on WeChat

From the association of Tencent –owner of the biggest social platforms in China- and –the leading online direct sales company in the country-, has emerged a new conception of Marketing and Brand Advertising. In 2016 in Beijing, both released a plan based on Ecommerce marketing service called “J&T Plan”. The new policy was aimed

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You have all you need to know about your Chinese customers’ behavior. Do you have all it takes to make the most out of it?

In our China digital monitoring and advisory service, we track and analyze the accessible data from the back offices of multiple digital platforms through which our client interacts with its customers: Weibo, WeChat, Tmall flagship store, and Official Website. Moreover, with the benchmarking analysis of its main competitors, we further identified tactics to fine tune our client’s strategy.

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