How will the “Brexit” influence China?

“It could be the darkest day in the history of European stock market.” “Brexit”, the abbreviation of “British exit” that mirrors the term “Grexit”. “Grexit” was created when Greece tried to exit the European Union but failed at last. And now, the Britain makes it. “In current phase, we are not able to realize the

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Lancôme’s PR Disaster in China and What We Should Learn From It

During this past week, Lancôme has become one of the hottest hashtags on Weibo. This time, however, being the hottest was not beneficial at all for Lancôme! Huge damage to its brand image and reputation in China has given Lancôme China an unprecedented PR nightmare. What happened there? On June 2nd , the actress Denise

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Insights on ZARA in the Chinese digital market

Since first arriving to Shanghai in 2006, ZARA has had incredible achievements in the volatile Chinese fashion industry. Etam and Ochirly used to be considered as the “King and Queen” in this sector with the vast majority of the market share, however ZARA’s arrival crashed down this obsolete structure. In 2014, ZARA reached the top fashion

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