2Open on Spanish radio: Business in China?

Recently, we were invited to a local Spanish radio program called “Onda Cero” in Cáceres City. Vicente Pozas, the host of the show, asked some interesting questions to our colleague David González regarding Digital Business in China. For a lot of people in Europe, China is a far away land with a different culture, different people, and different ways to make business. People are getting interested in China, it has had a huge economical growth in the past few years and interest of foreigners has grown accordingly.

The talk mainly focused on China’s development in certain technological areas, the business opportunities it offers, and the considerations that have to be taken into account if one should intent to do business in China. David González talked about the differences in population of major cities in both countries and the way e-commerce in China has surpassed any other country in the world. He also stressed the way the Chinese middle-class people have gained more purchasing power and how all of this can be translated into a broader potential market for any business.


After throwing out some interesting figures about China, he talked about failure and success cases that foreign companies have had when trying to enter the Chinese market, the limitations and the room for mistakes that exists in the country, and the complexity of making business with a Chinese businessperson.

Although the talk focused mainly on China and the way they make business, David got the opportunity to talk about 2Open, our business values, and the way we carry out every project with passion and commitment. The complexity and the obstacles that a business in China could present and how a company like 2Open can make the whole process a lot simpler and successful.

Here is the audio of the interview with David González on the Spanish radio show “Onda Cero”, sadly the audio file is only available in Spanish, but if you have a particular interest on it please leave a comment and we will post an English translation of it.

This article was edited by Andres Arroyo Olson from 2Open.