2016 Springtime At The Canton Fair

The Canton Fair, held since 1957 in the city of Guangzhou, is currently the largest International Trade gathering in China, and the most successful one in the country. In Spring and Autumn, and for fifteen days, the city brings together importers and exporters from all over the world.

Its 2016 Spring celebration, divided into three sessions of five days each, aims to meet the demands of any business person: Electronics and Household Electrical Appliances; Lighting Equipment; Vehicles and Spare Parts; Machinery, Hardware and Tools; Building Materials; Chemical Products, Energy Resources; Consumer Goods; Gifts; Home Decorations; Textiles and Garments; Shoes; Office Supplies, Cases and Bags; Recreation Products; Medicines, Medical Devices and Health Products; and also Food.

China Import and Export Fair Sping 2016But why exactly is this event so appealing?

Well, with 15,000 manufacturers and fabricants, and over 60,000 stands, it’s not a surprise that it has gained such popularity, besides, its ability to accommodate all of them and generate new trade flows makes it the largest fair in China, and probably in Asia.

Those who attend The Canton Fair can find answers to all of their business needs: economic, technical and human cooperation; logistics, transportation and distribution; insurance and commodity inspection; advertising, public relations and contacts with some of the most buoyant businesses today, you name it.

Its attractiveness is also equal to its capacity to generate wealth among its members: only in 2015, commercial exchanges reached 55.066 million USD.

Who attends to the Canton Fair?

Despite the uncertainty in the global economy and after a slight decline in the last two years, 2016 has been considered a good year to participate in the Canton fair. With more than 24,000 companies confirmed, optimism among the organizers and participants has returned to stay and strengthen the fair’s position as an already global event.

Although the event’s main target group were Asian buyers, in recent years, the presence of Westerners has grown significantly becoming a meeting of international nature in which the presence of developing regions such as India, Latin America and Africa has also increased. Curiously enough, the presence of participants from Hong Kong and Taiwan has been reduced each year.

What are the benefits of the Canton Fair?

Firstly, the continuous and growing exchange of goods between participant countries facilitates the development of the Chinese trade, and consequently, strengthens the Chinese economy.

Secondly, the Canton Fair celebration generates high-level synergies, not only among the participants but also among outside companies. The fair generates quality information on the future of the economy, the most demanded products, leading companies and, goods and services.

Finally, due to its attraction capacity and longevity, the fair has contributed to develop a wide range of alternatives for visiting and enjoying the tour: visas, tickets, hotels and translators are easy to obtain through specialised agencies.


2Open attends every year to both the Autumn and Spring Canton Fairs, being up to date with what is happening in China is a challenge even for our dedicated team who are constantly on the scout for new trends in the industry. We strongly advice anyone who is intending to engage in any business related activities with China to attend this event, it is a great opportunity to grow any business, however, if you want to really turn your business around you should contact 2Open.

Our goal is to understand our clients business needs in order to provide the best possible services.  If you have any questions or require any information about our services, please do not hesitate in contacting us, our group of specialists will happily assist you.

This article was edited by Andres Arroyo Olson from 2Open.