How to Sell on Wechat?

Tencent and JD Launch Targeted Brand Advertising on WeChat

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On 20 April 2015, China Press and Publication Academy launched their first report based on Wechat platform. With over 600 million potential customers, the Report showed the great potential Wechat has for Brands to reach new audiences in Chinese market.

WeChat is one of the most important Social Media platforms in China. Set out as a communication tool, its newest strategy has been launching the most successful mobile eCommerce platform nowadays.

For foreign companies willing to sell in China, take advantage of the benefits of using Wechat gives them the chance to enjoy its simple access to products by an easy way to pay, and also get advanced information of their customers.  Its latest movements have become the app in a crucial tool to increase the consumer communication with brands and users engagement.

In order to continue adding value to our customers and launch a profitable business in China, we encourage you to go deeper on Wechat to take advantage of every opportunity that pops up in China environment.

What are the specific requirements to introduce a company on Wechat?

First, Create your Wechat Official Account:

Due to legal regulations, bear in mind that only Registered Companies in China are allowed to create their own Brand pages. Do not forget that in 2 OPEN we are authorized to apply for it!

Some are the steps you should be aware to create the account

  1. Fill the basic information to feature your products and services. After receiving an Email activation,  configure your account.
  2. Choose the most suitable account type from the two options provide for the public interaction, specified in the list below:
    Sell on Wechat
    Sell on Wechat
  3. Once you are successfully registered, Wechat gives your company the chance to get more benefits and some interesting advantages to add value to your shop, like:
  • Exclusive identifier
  • Practical port
  • Customized menu
  • Account authenticity and security

    Sell on Wechat
    Sell on Wechat

Second, Third platform registration:

Although Wechat has its own shop, set one up via a third party platform can provide many interesting features, like:

  • It is free and easy to add new items
  • Gives the One-click sharing
  • Contributes to faster transactions and better security on them
  1. Download a Mobile Ecommerce platform app according to your demands: To illustrate the post and due to the great importance of Weidan in China (微店), we will focus on it.  Baked by Tencent, Weidan is based on social relationships with no centralized entry-point. It gives you the chance to post your products information across a wide variety of Social Media platforms with an ultra-streamlined registration and administration processes which make it easier to sell your services and products.
  2. You can create a new account or logo in your Wechat official account.
  3. Input your phone number to bond with the account, and the app will send a code to your phone to pass the SMS verification.
  4. Use the red-button to fully use the app
  5. Bind with your Bank-card to paying and collecting operations
  6. To set up your products, click on “My Products” and upload your product.
  7. Add pictures and fill the description, price and requirements of your products or services.

Third, Link Weidian with your Wechat Official Account:

From the back office, go to Customize Menu to edit the content in structure.

Sell on Wechat
Sell on Wechat

Fourth, The final presentation to your Wechat account:

  1. Click the Bottom Menu (only in case you enjoy a verified account!)
    Sell on Wechat
    Sell on Wechat
  2. To get into the shop, you do reply the message. In latest version, when users enter the official account, an automatic message will present the options to follow the instruction to transfer into the Shop page.


From the team we hope these tips will help you to understand further the latest trends in Chinese market.

At 2 Open we have the experience and knowledge to develop your business in China and become your guide to launch your business in Asia.

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This article was edited by Paula Vicuña from 2 Open.