How to optimize traffic within 1688.COM to obtain leads?

Optimize traffic within to obtain leads

Interested in the B2B market? This article is  for those currently interested in launching a B2B ecommerce initiative!

Following our instruction of How to Sell B2B Online in China, from 2 OPEN we will guide you on the most famous Chinese B2B platform –1688.COM, to obtain leads for your company, giving you the basic information to learn how to deal with traffic.

In order to develop your sales in a business-to-business, it is important to analyze which actions can be done to improve your company results.

From 2 Open, we have listed for you some of the key-factors to make it easier your landing on B2B. With our help, your company will take a huge advantage of this big chance on Chinese market!


Alibaba is currently the biggest Chinese eCommerce company. It dominates the Chinese online marketing in various aspects and includes on its services: online transactions, payments, promotion, service and communication.

In order to focus on B2B market, Alibaba created a portal for domestic B2B trade in China, 1688.COM. In 2013, 1688.COM launched a direct channel that is responsible for $30 million in daily transaction value.

After 14 years development, now Alibaba leads B2B into the full digitalization in China and it is responsible of the great revolution B2B has experienced in China.


As the domestic B2B portal in China, 1688.COM has millions of vendors but does not support English version for foreign users.

In order to improve your position and make you easier, from 2 OPEN we will give you the specific information of acquiring traffic within 1688.COM.

To provide an accurate sketch for you and due to its importance, we have chosen Solostocks as the example below:

  • First, Go to the homepage of 1688.COM:

Optimize traffic within to obtain leads

  • Second, Create Solostocks’s online shop in 1688.COM

After the registration, you can access it with

Optimize traffic within to obtain leads

  • Third, Optimization:

When the online shop settles down, we can optimize the traffic through strategies within The internal optimization of the online shop could bring your company more traffics and leads.

From 2 OPEN, we suggest you six strategies to apply to leads generation, such as:

  • Product release:

In proper way, product release can fulfill the product category and increase Page View (PV).

Product quantity is not the key point for B2B selling but is the product category, title and description. Remember the more detailed the information is, the more opportunities for searching there will be.

Optimize traffic within to obtain leads

  • Shop decoration:

Shop decoration is aiming to provide a good visibility to viewers: useful information in organization will fully convey to viewers and improve the CTR also display structure has to be recognizable and practical.

Key modules include logo, navigation, introduction, display, share/favorite, communication etc.

Optimize traffic within to obtain leads

  • Text content:

Text content includes all the product descriptions and introductions.

It is crucial to pay attention to Key-words combination: they will be the best SEO to boost traffics: the more key words are recorded, more exposures there will be.

Refined and targeted content can also lift the ranking and improve the user experience.

Optimize traffic within to obtain leads

  • Tool assistance:

Tool assistance from 1688.COM’s back office can facilitate promotion. It contains various functions to assist the system management, which provides a better performance in internal optimization.

Tools for managing product, KPI, finance, transaction and marketing would optimize the operation.

Here we explain you three detailed functions which we consider especially important:

Optimize traffic within to obtain leads

By the way, there are a plenty other tools provided by 1688.COM that you can find. You just need to discover them all and find the one which better suits you!

  • Secondary platform:

The secondary platform of 1688.COM is called It is professional and dedicated to provide customers the solutions and commercial knowledge in business by means of questions and answers to solve business problems.

In this business platform, users can get connections and share their experiences. Do not forget to:

Use proper key words to find out the related questions

Answer professionally to promote

Enhance the account activity and develop the business

Optimize traffic within to obtain leads

  • Paid service:

Paid service in 1688.COM can effectively promote the brand and product in bidding ranking.

The most popular ways of SEM in 1688.COM are WXB (pay-per-click) and Diamond Booth (slideshow on the homepage). Both of them strongly facilitate the brand and product promotion in direct way.

Optimize traffic within to obtain leads

Actually, 1688.COM provides various means for sellers to promote its sales.  Here we summarize some main tips to implement the internal optimization in a comprehensive way to obtain the best results!

  • Information sufficiency

Make sure the sufficient and high quality information can be provided to browsers.

  • Effective transmission

Transfer the product or brand information in all directions to browsers accurately and immediately.

  • Qualified images

High definition pictures can highlight the brand quality also beatify the online shop.

  • Customer service

Keep the effective communication and CRM during the whole sales process.

  • Ranking optimization

Paid service can provide the better performance in brand exposure by bidding ranking.

If you are interesting in doing B2B in China through a more native approach, 1688.COM would be the most effective and direct way to help you face to the Chinese customers.

Still interested?

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This article was edited by Paula Vicuña.